Still life continued… and distracted

Another piece in the series of still life paintings.


And here is the reason for my slow progress: Gunny, an amazing reining horse, that I got the opportunity to buy a few days ago. Here I am teaching her to back up.gunny1

Slow progress on still life paintings

I am currently working on still life painting number four. Three have been completed, with gilding of the edges and backsides painted black, etc.  It is actually quite a bit of work with the backside and edges too. They will all be the same size, 12 x 25 cm. Not sure how many I will make. here are two.



Still life

The still life paintings I made last year all sold during the studio tour, so I figured I’d make a series, as it is rather pleasant to make them! This is one of the first I am working on. Small format, 12 x 25 cm, oil on plywood.



Another small two sided piece. This one is called LOL.



Another one

Another protruding art piece, this one smaller – it is 14 x 11 cm, oil on plywood. This is Tony’s cloud.



A protruding art piece

The first of a series of pieces that are painted on both sides of a 27 mm thick plywood board. The board does not have any visible grain, so I am using the material in a different way. The title of this one is Uma’s Cloud and it is 30 x 21 cm.



Two more coast images

Two new paintings of the coast. These are 20 x 28 cm. Oil and varnish on plywood. The one below is called Treacherous Coast.



Starting a new project

I am going to start a fairly ambitious project. I have ten pieces of a different type of plywood, 27 mm thick (just over an inch), cut into 30 x 20 cm. I will paint both sides and mount them so they stick out from the wall. One side will have a face and the other side will have clouds. The portrait is painted on a gesso surface. The early start on the first piece.