Getting ready for Konstrundan

Busy and fun days preparing for Konstrundan! The entrance now has a “modestly” sized painting. It is 3 x 3,6 meters. It was painted in 2014 and was displayed outside a gallery in the south of Sweden. It has been seen by a lot of people on commuter trains passing daily. The title is Precious.Konstrundan1-2017

Spirits of the Stone

The Rock Art book is here! The book project that both Andrea and I have been helping our friends Garry and Ming Adams with was delivered from the printer today. Now they are packing all 3000 books and getting the shipment ready to cross the Atlantic and then all the way to Cortez, Colorado. The book looks great, is an extensive collection of photos of Rock Art from mainly the south of Utah.SpiritsOfTheStone1SpiritsOfTheStone2

About 30 pieces to take back to Konstrundan

I have been working on many smaller pieces this winter and I will be able to bring at least 30 pieces to Sweden for the Studio Tour at Easter.


I also have a number of new pieces I will not be able to bring. This one is called Those Were The Golden Days and is 50 x 10 x 10 cm, oil and polyurethane on plywood, with a base made of painted concrete.


Studio photo shoot

The other day I had a professional photographer here together with Kathy Anne Fennema with Santa Fe By Design, who has delivered faucets, toilets, etc. So while everything was in order I took the opportunity to take photos of the inside.














Preparing for a show

In May I will have an exhibition in Båstad, Sweden. The theme is Eyes. So I am working on a series of small paintings of eyes and expressions. This is a bit disturbing.


Long time no see

Sorry. Have been skiing for a week with the oldest son, then visiting the in-laws and working hard on a book about petroglyphs and pictographs from the Four Corners area, for friends Garry and Ming Adams at the Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch in McElmo Creek, Colorado. Back in the studio, doing some fun stuff. This is a small study, 12 x 20 cm only.


Slow progress, a bit here and there

Not so much new to show, even though I spend my days in the studio. I have been experimenting with some frame ideas for the small landscape paintings, but that was not a success. Also working on the sides of the painting of the girl with the red finger nail. Have also spent time fine tuning my work area in the studio. Started on a few new little paintings of faces. Here is one, also 12 x 20 cm:



And below is a close up of the painting I have been working on for a while.tricolor7

Miniature landscapes

I have never been overly interested in painting landscapes, even though some of my favorite landscape painters (Maynard Dixon is one) have been a great inspiration. But I had an idea to make some small paintings on pine plywood and let the grain do a great part of the work for me. What I found out was that I had to keep it very simple, if I started doing too much “landscape” painting with clouds and stuff I was not pleased (one such example below). But if I kept it real simple it was better. The idea to make these came to me while driving toward Tuba City in the Navajo Nation at sunset recently. So most of these paintings are really Navajo landscapes to me – very desolate and vast. All these paintings are 12 x 20 cm (4″3/4 x 8″).


Receding Mesa at dusk. (above)


The alluring Henry Mountains.


Winter in the desert.


My uncle lives there.


Leaving Monument Valley.


Canyons and mesas.


Sacred Mountain.


Monumental vastness.