Monthly Archives: January 2016

Lines No. 22

I made a new Lines piece, this time with gold (metal) leaf, graphite and oil paint on birch plywood. Unfortunately the background is not white… I really miss my studio…


A convenient time to die?

President Lincoln was assassinated shortly after 10.15 pm on April 14, 1865. The painting was made according to a photo taken four days earlier (not four hours as stated in an earlier post), the last official photo of Abraham Lincoln. The painting is 20 x 20 cm. The watch works…


Four hours to live

For several years I have wanted to paint Lincoln – he had such an interesting face! This study is the same small size; 20 x 20 cm. I gilded the background and added a very light layer of Asphaltum. I am working from a photo taken four hours before he was shot dead.


Another Wyatt

A small painting (20 x 20 cm), a study of a young Wyatt Earp. Very intense.


A Texas Ranger or what?

Had fun with metal (silver) leaf yesterday! And a little pin. And some paint… It is amazing how difficult it is in the beginning, how uncertain… and then it happens! Fun!


Painting again, weird…

I started working on another painting of a total stranger. Early stages, never really know how to approach it, always feel like “this is a total failure” and always seem to forget that I have to add layers, let the paint dry and then go at it again. Eventually something happens. Wonder what will happen this time? And why am I doing this? I could be out there selling machines or something more profitable.


Finally back in action

After a Holiday Seasons break with a visit by our daughter Victoria and her lovely Kristoffer, I am back in the creative mode. At Evoke Contemporary there was an accident – one of my steel pieces fell to the floor with a terrible “clang” when they were re-hanging their space. The piece got twisted and banged up, but I was able to straighten it out and allowed myself to be a bit creative.


The blue on red creates a funny optical effect. A kachina doll is creeping up behind… Below a fun picture of Victoria and Kristoffer, while we are dealing in shadows.