Sold: Pablo’s secret

A very warm and sunny summer. Most people are either on the beach or trying to avoid the heat otherwise. I am enjoying excellent temperatures in the studio, even though the production is sort of on idle. But I have sold a few Lines pieces and most recently the piece below, which I have not shown in it’s final stage. I call it Pablo’s secret, 30 x 9 x 9 cm.PablosSecret-30x9x9

More lines

I am back in the studio. Experimenting with my lines pieces. At first I considered this a pretty relaxing exercise and for a while I was even a bit bored, or just mildly challenged, but the more I work with them, the more I realize that the challenge is quite significant, as it is a constant search for balance, tension, simplicity and harmony. I have added one color to some of the pieces, but think I will go back to just various black and grey shades.lines10lines11lines12lines13All these pieces are 15 cm wide.

Almost ready to go back to the studio

After an intense period of carpentry we were able to get the bed made in time for Victoria to sleep the first night in the small guest house. Now I have to finish off a few things and then I will be able to go back and start working in the studio again!

The photo was taken at 9.30 in the evening! Swedish summer…