Not yet rusty, but cool!

A piece straight from the laser cutter. Not a spot of rust yet, but the shadow works just as fine. Different this time, the light is close, the piece is larger. Interference by the sun light. All sold pieces are ready for delivery / pick up by each buyer.


Getting ready for delivery

Today I received the remaining Transparent Personality pieces from the laser cutters. I sold a total of 14 at the Open Studio tour and now I have named and numbered each piece.



Long days in the studio

I am very busy working on a commission for a family, but they want it to be private, which I am of course honoring. So I am just showing a fraction of the work. Spending around 12 hours per day on this right now, but not all of the time painting, because a big part of the work is to study, observe and contemplate the work.


With a scent of tar

My latest work is a piece of pine wood, 45 cm high and 9,5 x 9,5 cm in the base. Two brothers who spend their days sawing pieces like this and building boats the way they built boats more than a hundred years ago.


Exhausted by friendliness

In three days of the open studio tour, about 2500 visitors have walked through our home! Friendly, positive, enthusiastic feed back.


Open Studio Tour

The Konstrundan Open Studio Tour in the south of Sweden is on. The first day we had over 900 visitors! Incredibly positive feedback from hundreds of friendly, happy and inspired people, several paintings sold and nine smaller pieces of Transparent Personality were reserved. Unbelievable!