The last renovation project at Villa Holsby

I have been busy with other things lately, even though I have had great help from some of my favorite handymen (as usual). The laundry room will soon be finished!kakl

Good times at Kafé Zolo in Höganäs

Today I had an artistic cappuccino at Kafé Zolo. Simon is the artist. Great coffee, fantastic New York cheesecake, and lots more. Go there!

The fourth and final side

Ok, now the four sides are all done. I still have some things to do to keep it steady, so it does not fall over, in case someone leans on it. 

Third side…

Crazy project, this. I don’t know… but I have started it and should complete it and then let it sit for a while.

Second side of the 3,6 m painting

Last night I made the second painting for the tall “sculpture-painting”. I worked fast and without hesitation.The three separate pieces as I painted them.It is great fun placing them on the floor next to each other, to see if they fit!

A point of no return

A sunny, beautiful day, a decision to get rid of some paintings and some bad energy…Too late to change my mind. Nice!

Check my new neighbors. Peace, sister!

Back in action with a new experiment

I am going to make a four sided painting, 3,6 m tall. Or maybe you could say it will be four separate paintings on four sides of a free standing column. As it is hard to do a 3,6 meter tall painting that is only 44 cm wide, I am going to make three separate pieces on each side and then put them together after having painted them, kind of like Hockney has been doing for some time with his enormous paintings…

This is the first side:

The three sections on my easel. It looks kind of doubtful to me…

I then took the pieces down and laid them out on the floor. It worked!
To be continued…

Four more years with Barack Obama

In January 2008 I read Obama’s book about his background and I was greatly inspired. I then painted an image of him on a plywood board. I still have this painting…

The United Colors of America, 2008, 68 x 50 cm, oil on plywood. For sale…