Plywood chair & Pocket Art

Wow! I am finally painting again! Real stuff. I have been avoiding this for a very long time. I have just started on a couple of Pocket Art pieces.For a very long time I have needed a higher chair for my kitchen table. A few days ago I decided to just build one without thinking about perfection. I had fun. Today I painted and put a layer of matte varnish on it.

It works great in the kitchen. You will not find a chair like this at IKEA…



A window of opportunity

I have not been totally absent from the studio, even though I am currently afraid of paint and brushes. Here is something different:

A window of opportunity, overall size 89×69 cm. I am playing more and more with the material…

Speaking of material, I am also checking out possibilities for material for Villa GA.

The foundation is to be made of concrete and the exterior will have dark panelling.

Villa GA with Onix Architects

Sorry, I have not updated the blog very well in the past two months. I will shape up. There is basically no studio activity now, as most of the time is spent preparing for the start of our upcoming building project. I have briefly mentioned it in the past, but here are a few illustrations of how the house is going to look.

A computer rendering of the new house, placed in a photo, where the existing Villa Holsby can be seen to the left (only a small part of the house).

Another computer rendering of the house. The very large window is going to be our bathroom window! A challenge…

A colored drawing of the house as it will look from the south.

We will start moving the ground in August. The foundation and the core of the house will be concrete, so we will be busy working on that during the fall. After the concrete has been poured, we will basically let it rest and settle over the winter and then start with the walls, roof, windows, etc. early next spring. Expected completion next fall.

I will let you follow the project on this blog and I hope I will be able to do a painting now and then as well.

The architecture is done by Onix in Helsingborg, a Dutch firm that is now establishing an office in Sweden,

Please touch the artist, at Dunkers in Helsingborg

I am back. All of April is a blur. I did have an exhibition at the studio during Easter and then I took off and went to the USA…

Today we went to Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg to inspect my large painting of Matthias van Arkel, which was on display only today, for their 10 years celebration.

The artist looks very happy when he is touched by the love of his life…