Pictures from Hässleholm

The vernissage in Hässleholm last Saturday was very good! Lots of positive comments. I got a very good review, see below, and then some pictures from the show.

hsh12 hsh11 hsh10 hsh9 hsh8 hsh7 hsh6 hsh5 hsh4 hsh3 hsh2 hsh1

Getting ready for Hässleholm

I am having fun getting everything ready for the Hässleholm show!prephsh4

The invitation that Hässleholms Konstförening have made.prephsh5

Preparations for the upcoming show in Hässleholm

I am busy working on all the preparations for the Hässleholm exhibition. As I have extensive experience from international trade shows with large booths and lots of machinery, I know something about preparing a lot in advance in order to simplify set-up on site. So I have had Simon as my assistant and we have accomplished a lot…prephsh1prephsh2prephsh3Building, painting, varnishing, planning, packing. By far my biggest show… fun!

12 x Pocket Art with varnish

These are the Pocket Art pieces I have painted during the winter in Santa Fe. Upon arrival back at the studio I have varnished them with the same high gloss varnish I have been using for a while.part12

Back in my studio – again!

Wow! I am back in action in my studio, my wonderful studio! Didn’t know I had missed it. Now I am working full speed ahead for my two upcoming shows in May.2side1I have started work on one of the sides for my four-sided self-painting.