Summer exhibition

On Wednesday July 6 I am starting my summer exhibition. I have been too busy with the bathroom renovation, so I have not been able to make much new stuff, therefore I will not have any special event or vernissage this summer – I will simply place my sign at the road and announce that Villa Holsby is open for visitors on Wednesdays through Saturdays, from 1 to 6 in the afternoons, until August 6.

I hope to get most of the work for the bathroom done in time for the exhibition, even though some work will remain to be done during the summer.

The bathroom cabinet that I built is slowly getting done. It has been a challenge…

The fixtures for the toilet and the bidet were installed today.

More news from the bathroom

I am starting to believe I will be able to go back to the studio soon again. The renovation of the bathroom is  coming along quite fine.

Peter from Magnusson & Bäckstrand is helping me with safe plumbing. Great guy!

Benjamin from Höganäs Kakel & Golv makes sure the water will always flow into the drain. I am learning a lot from these guys!

Now we are almost ready to start with the tiles…

Happy bricklayer

Today I have been trying out as bricklayer. Pretty tricky since I had to hide the tubing for the shower and make room for the thermostat unit that is supposed to be built into the wall. The upper square is to be a shelf for shampoo bottles, etc. One of the tilesetters used to be a professional bricklayer, so I had to make a decent job! I am quite happy with my work!

Bathroom progress

Not much of interest is happening in the studio right now. I am basically occupied with the bathroom renovation.

Mattias from Höganäs Golv & Kakel helped me fix the walls. Great job!

My great electrician Magnus Hult installed electric floor heating cables and then Benjamin and Mattias worked on the floor in preparation for the tiles.

I am working on the cabinet for the sink. I am building it out of 21 mm birch plywood and IKEA drawers. The way I have designed the cabinet makes it difficult, as all joints will be visible and a 1 mm mistake will be visible. But it is fun work. Easier than painting…

This and that

The sofa at Kafé Zolo turned out much better than I had hoped for.

After some very slow progress, at least visible, the bathroom at Villa Holsby is moving forward. Everything is ordered: shower walls, lights, tile, faucets, material for cabinets that I will build, sink, toilet, etc. The plumbing in the floor is done and I have been very fortunate with the help I am getting (plumber, electrician, tile setter, builder…). This time I am not doing so much of the actual work myself, but it still takes time to arrange everything, make plans and drawings and so on.

Doing something else for a change…

Today I have been working with the old couch at Kafé Zolo in Höganäs. We ordered new fabric and now I am doing upholstery. I am surprisingly pleased with the result sofar.

A new challenge

I have started a new piece. It looks tiny, but it is 24 x 120 cm…