Why is it so €%&# hard?

It should be easy. Or not? Well, it isn’t. I am in the “free fall” stage now. Slowly building up layers… the first are so flat and ugly. I have not done a painting like this in a while and I can’t remember feeling such despair before. It takes Patience, Courage, and maybe even Passion – since there is nothing I would rather do. So I will just keep falling and see where it takes me. This piece is 80 x 120 cm. A LOT of work to do before it can be judged. So come back and follow this project.blueeyed1

The new line triptych is done

The third part of the triptych was done and the entire suite is now hanging in our living room. It changed the atmosphere in the room! Each section is 120 x 128 cm, so the total width of the triptych is 3,84 meters. The old piece we had there before was moved to the studio portal.LinesNo23-4



More Lines, straight and curled

I worked hard on the second part of the large Line triptych last night. The two wide sections are graphite, made with w soft pencil. Then I painted the other lines with different sheds of black (Chromatic, Ivory, Van Dyke Brown, etc.) as well as Indian Red and Caput Mortuum. This morning Andrea and I pulled off all the tape, which is a cool experience. Now I am doing the third part.LinesNo23-2


New Lines and fall colors

I am working on a large triptych. The first third is done, it is 120 x 128 cm, so the entire triptych is going to be almost 4 meters wide. It will replace a piece in our living room, which will be moved to the portal (the outside covered patio) on the studio building. I used to think these line paintings were relaxing and easy to make… but not in this format! Just building each section of baltic birch plywood and pine was difficult, as they have to be the same size and have to be made with minimalistic perfection.LinesNo23-1

While walking between the studio and my workshop (garage) it is impossible not to be awed by the amazing fall colors!fallcolors1


Paintings for map

I have made two alternative paintings for the Konstrundan 2018 map. I have yet to decide which one to use. They are both 46 x 36,5 cm. I need to come up with appropriate titles.Pioneerwoman2



Clouds and studio

On the way home last week, Abiquiu Lake during a break in the storm. Man, it can rain in the desert…


And a couple of days ago, the way the studio looks outside now.


Cowboy-ing and then painting again

I have been away in cowboy country, been working as a carpenter, waiter, etc. and then branding calves and stuff… learned not to go for the hind legs – they kick! My thumb is probably sprained, healing slowly, but I am able to hold a brush reasonably well. So I am making a painting that will be my picture in the map overview for next year’s Konstrundan. Not sure about title yet, format 46 x36 cm, oil and mixed media on plywood.