Serious distractions

Have not been able to make much art lately as I have been “distracted by family and views”. I will soon get my act together, though!


Muley Point, Utah. What an amazing place!


Being blown away!


The views from Cedar Mesa (Cedar Point to the right) over San Juan River and Monument Valley beyond.


Exploring Muley Point, stepping close to the precipice. San Juan River snaking through the landscape. The spirit of John Wayne roaming over yonder.


The Woman I Love!


Si enjoying an adventurous hike


Cautious steps on rocks that hopefully will not break off today.


Back at the ranch in Mc Elmo Canyon. Sunset with Ute Mountain behind the ridge.


The evening of another great day!

Hours of work in a different light

The painting photographed in different light, changes the colors and shows the structure. The background is now darker, I have done quite a bit of subtle work on the face – around the nose, the mouth, the eyes, etc. And I applied a real Anasazi potsherd as a brooch. In this light the wood grain can clearly be seen in the face. I am not interested in photographic perfection, I want it to be a painting…


Who is this person?

I am painting again. It always amazes me to realize how hard it is, what a challenge it is. And that is why I keep doing it, can’t resist.
Now who is this person? A man or a woman? From where? Why so red? How old? One part is missing, I can’t finish that yet, the paint has to dry first. Not a large painting, 38 x 26,5 cm.