San Clemente

Not much is happening in the studio as far as I know… We are vacationing in Southern California. We have experienced the heaviest rains in a decade, but now the sun is shining and the boys are riding the waves.

The Pacific Ocean

Lucas riding the longboard.

Simon on his new, short Terry Senate board (6’3″)

My big ego trip

Now I have an entire wall with only pictures of myself. Ahh, that feels good.

Seen from the other direction, with the miniature painting, which obviously can’t be called a smack in the face…I don’t know what to call it? Suggestions?The large painting is 2000×3200 mm (2×3,2 m) and the miniature painting is 62×100 mm (0,062×0,1 m). A big difference.The miniature painting up close.

Macro and micro

A friend suggested I make a tiny version of the large painting. Good idea. As usual, the beginning looked horrible and not very promising, but it is improving…

To be continued…

A smack in the face

Does an artwork need to have a name? Some say no. But, I feel this piece is a smack in the face.

It is going to be a challenge to take a proper photo with good lighting. I may have to wait until the spring or a day when there is really good daylight. This is the best I can do right now. I have added a section of the painting below, so you can see the wood grain. The pice is made of four sections, each 1 x 1,6 m, which makes it easy to dismantle the work and move it.

Having fun

It has been a long time since I had so much fun painting. It’s very liberating to work with large brushes and paint flying and dripping. No expectations. Just being free to experiment. Great fun!It looks silly like this. But it is an enormous face. It shocks you when you walk into the studio, it actually smacks you right in the face… A smack in the face… good name?