Another Abiquiu sculpture

I have made another sculpture out of old wood found in Abiquiu. This one is approximately 44 x 39 x 10 cm in size.wood2I guess this will be the last pictures from Santa Fe before returning to Sweden. For the next visit I have bought a Pure Beaver hat made by O’Farrell here in town. A good hat is needed here in the sun… It is good for hiking, painting, etc…hat1hat2Coming out of darkness or entering into darkness…? To be prepared or not… In any case, I am extremely thankful for my time here and can’t wait to come back.

Quite a Challenge part II

Now the little portrait is done.andihat2andihat3I spray painted the back and the sides purple. I am reasonably pleased with it…

Skies from Abiquiu

I guess my pilgrimage is coming to a close, only a few more days before the return to Arild, Sweden. In the meantime Abiquiu, NM, is quickly becoming a favorite…rim1After a hike to the Rim Vista, with Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu Lake behind.rim2rockAt the Echo Amphitheater. Grand!echo1And then the close ups…stone1Skies over Abiquiu Lake.sky1After sunset…


Quite a challenge!

I have been working on a small portrait, 20 x 15 cm. It turned out to be quite a challenge. I may have to do a few small adjustments.andihat1I also did some unconventional framing of my New Mexico piece. pednal3

I am not a landscape painter, too bad…

Well, the sun is shining over Pedernal, but not over my landscape painting skills. It sucks. I guess my heart is not in it… (it is not quite done yet, though)pednal2This is the row of Pocket Art pieces I have worked on during this trip.part10And these little pieces.part11The weather is good again and it is nice to be working outside!sfstudi2

“Sissies don’t have Festool…”

He he, a friend said that last night, as I was contemplating my scruffy hands after a day of wood working, wondering if I am becoming soft… 🙂
Well, I am happy as a kid because I now have the tools I need in order to cut plywood and build my “canvasses”. Now I can work!fest1fest2Now I can make beautiful cuts and build stuff, like this:fest3This is my new work table that I will have in my outdoor studio.part8While it has been cold and snowing (!), I have worked inside, putting some final touches onto my latest Pocket Art eyes.part9Also started on a tiny piece, only 4,6 x 5,4 cm.pednal1I am also working on a very typical New Mexico landscape view – the Pedernal. I will do more work on this…

Pocket Art with lines

I am setting up a temporary studio in the back yard. Could definitely be a lot worse!sfstudioNew pocket art pieces with lines.part5part6part7Never done this before…

Experimenting with color

I have been working on what probably should be something like a triptych.redcut2bluecut1greencut1Each piece is 20×15 cm. I will probably mount them side by side, they need to be seen together, should not be sold separately…?3cut1

Abiquiu Lake from the other side…

I am quickly becoming a huge Abiquiu fan! This weekend I was invited to a private property right on Abiquiu Lake, on the western side, with expansive views towards Ghost Ranch. So amazingly beautiful!abqlk3abqlk2abqlkskyabqlkI found some time and inspiration to make some quick sketches. Maybe one of these days I will go out and paint the Northern New Mexico landscapes Plein Air. It will be hard to resist! But in the meantime I am working on a few new pieces:redcut1This is the first one, 20×15 cm, oil on plywood.