Transparent Personality, smaller sizes

Today I got a number of laser cut steel sculptures in smaller sizes. The two sizes in the pictures below are 750 x 375 mm and 500 x 250 mm. Steel thickness is 4 mm. Note how the shadows add to the sculptures.




New work that has to be postponed

I have been working intensely, but time ran out. This painting will have to be finished in a few months when we get back to Santa Fe. 120 x 80 cm.


Roads, Cows, and Barbed Wire

The cow painting is finished! How I hated it in the beginning – now I am quite pleased! I found some nicely rusted barbed wire in the desert near Chaco Canyon. Maybe this is a statement to the way the once unlimited landscape of the Southwest is now obstructed and limited by fences, barbed wire, roads, etc. And how are the cows influencing the environment? Eat less meat…
The painting is 80 x 132 cm (including the barbed wire) and is painted with oil paints on plywood.



Another painting finished. Clairity, oil and high gloss varnish on plywood, 20 x 15 cm. A gift to a very special lady in Santa Fe.


Looking for barbed wire

The painting is maybe finished? I had an idea to use barbed wire, need to find some. Maybe use it for a frame? On the Road to Cowlorado oil on plywood, 80 x 120 cm.


The Road to Cowlorado

Slowly the cow painting is progressing, but the cow is stuck on the road. Also starting other works, while working on drawings for a studio. Staying busy.