Custom Painted Surfboard for Simon

Simon is in the mood for surfing and wants his board done, so I have been working hard today… here are a few pictures of the underside.

It is going to make more sense when the topside is done…

Total disregard… almost

I was not happy with the last painting. Too perfect. So I decided to ruffle it up a bit…

I started another one today:


Hässleholm’s Konsthall next year

Next year, late spring/early summer, I will have a show at Hässleholm’s Kulturhus. The room is large and nice: 14,6 x 11 meters and 4,6 meter ceiling height. It is a great opportunity for me to be able to use the entire room and I want to handle this challenge in the best possible way. Therefore I have built a model of the room in scale 1:20 and I am starting to plan and prepare. I will probably come up with many ideas until then, and I am not going to reveal everything, but this is a peek into the model:

A view from above.


Today I have done some painting. “Canvas” number seven again.


Is this bordering to kitch? I will let it rest and see if I need to add more work.


Dealing with fear of failure

I find this process very interesting. I am aiming at making a series of paintings of the same size and the same part of various faces, and in this process I am finding that I am approaching each piece with less fear of failure and with an open attitude to what the result will be. I am curious to see what the paintings will look like later. Now I am working on the seventh painting. The original plan was to make twelve, but I think I will do a lot more and just push on, forcing myself to move beyond my imaginary boundaries. Am I doing the right thing to allow you to see this? Should I shut my studio to the outside world and not let anyone see the struggle, possible failure? But what is my purpose then? Maybe by allowing you to observe and partake of my working process, I can inspire you to take some steps outside your comfort zone as well. Do I care if the so called Art World likes my work or not? Yes, of course I would be happy if they do, but maybe that is not the most important thing. One of my greatest “mentors” is Alexander Calder, who just wanted his artwork to make people laugh and be happy.

Some results of today´s work in the studio:

“Canvas” number six.

“Canvas” number seven, to be continued.



The Friendly Gallery in Chelsea?

After visiting Chelsea we had an idea: how about opening the Friendly Gallery in Chelsea? Is it possible? Would it be bullied?

I am back in the studio. Some pictures of work I did just before the trip to New York, which I will continue now.

Various stages of progress…


Another Facial in Chelsea

After walking, walking, walking around Manhattan, we arrived in Chelsea, walked the High Line, and looked around Chelsea, where most galleries were closed for the summer. The area has been cleaned up a lot since we were here four years ago, there seems to be a total zero tolerance to street art, a bit disappointing, because the area is losing it’s “charm”. We found what looked like the last “enclave” of street art in Chelsea, and we even found a Facial… 🙂

The High Line with the Empire State Building in the distance.

A Facial in Chelsea…

This will probably also be gone soon. I will, in any case. Going home today. Next time we have to explore Brooklyn!




Preparing for NYC

I have prepared some Facials for New York City… stay tuned.

I am also busy working in the studio.


The 76 x 62 series

I am working on two more pieces in what I informally call the 76 x 62 series. Each piece is 76 x 62 cm and I will make at least 12 paintings, probably more. When I have painted them I will decide if I will add some work to each one.

Small mouth pieces

I have been working on a couple of small paintings. The sizes are 5,2 x 5,2 x 1,2 cm each.