Impossible to translate…

Another new painting, same size as the precious, 13,5 x 45 cm. Oil on plywood. The Swedish title “Där en hund ligger begraven” is not so easy to translate…


Another landscape

Another painting done, this one is 13,5 x 45 cm, oil on plywood. An Arild summer sunset.


Fixed an old painting

Still active in the studio, too early to show results, but I changed the background of this painting a few days ago.


Trivial pursuit

I have been dabbling in some landscape exercises. This is the latest. 48 x40 cm, oil on plywood. Midsummer Sunset. I have also been a bit slowed down by an accident involving 28 stitches to my head, mostly concealed by the hair. I was extremely lucky and yesterday had the stitches removed and feeling surprisingly good!


A commission for Netflix

Netflix are producing a series called Chambers and I have been asked to provide some art… two pieces in various stages of progress.