Storm art and more

The storm created some wonderful stuff!storm4

And I finished something else.tvf4

Now I have started on something else, something that makes me feel extremely humble and amateurish… I am painting with a live sitter, my mom. I am certainly not ready to show anything yet – this is going to be very hard and quite different from what I normally do.


Boom! All of a sudden the storm hit with full force. I don’t know if I have ever experienced such strong winds, certainly not here at the studio. The roof is sqeaking and making all kinds of scary sounds, the windows are bulging. I hope we have a roof tomorrow morning. Around noon it did not seem like the wind was very strong, but I noticed my 12 meter “introvert” painting was rocking seriously, so I went out and took it down, which was quite a challenge as I was alone. But I got it down without too much damage and then I cleared everything out of the way, which I am very glad for now, as I believe the 2,4×1,2 m sections would have been flying like leaves now… A while ago, before it got dark, my 3,6 meter tall four sided painting fell. It is going to be an exciting evening…




A late update. The worst is over. The roof is still on top of the house, not on the ground. A shaky picture from Mölle.storm3

More… and a commission

Tweaking the variations. I have seven now. One more, at least.v8



For some time I have been avoiding a commission that I committed to during the summer. And then when I started (it almost always works this way) I felt totally lost and lacking direction and self confidence. As I worked my way into this painting I was wondering how I would get out of it… and as usual something comes out of the work. And as usual it is rather different than what I have done before, at least it seems like it. I have no idea if the client will like it, but I am not totally unhappy with it. When working with wide, wet and quick brushstrokes it is important to stop before it gets too messy. The problem is, you have to be really, really good at it. Imagine Edward Munch! One of my greatest sources of inspiration when it comes to painting techniques.





Colors are amazing. Lines and fields of color that can be varied infinitely…v2


v4The last picture is of Simon’s guitar. He wanted me to do something with a thin ink pen.


Back in the studio again

Have been back in Sweden for a week, doing fall clean up etc. Finally working again, sometimes it is so hard to get going. So much easier to cut the grass, vacuum or something else. But the joy of working with brushes and paint is overwhelming yet scary, it is like letting yourself fall. Where will you land, will it hurt?
Now I am working on a series of small paintings, wonder where this will take me?v1

New painting in progress

I have been very active, working on a long painting (60 x 385 cm) made in six sections.sfoct2 sfoct1

I do not have a name for it yet and don’t know if I am done. I am spending a lot of time just looking at it and find that my eyes keep going back and forth between the three very different faces.