Working in the studio!

After almost four years of dreaming, sketching, drawing, planning, and building… I am working in the new studio! Although I am a bit rusty and inefficient, as I am mostly just sitting and looking, in awe of this beautiful building. Overwhelmed, tired, thrilled, thankful. I am going to miss all my dedicated builders, many of them Mexicans who have become my friends and co-workers. A few more days of fine tuning, inspections, landscaping… but today I have been working in the studio! Wow!



A massive week has come to an end and I am really tired. Starting to relax after an intense two months. It has been a lot of fun and the results are great!


Today we graded and cleaned up around the entire house! Some planting and landscaping remain.


Now it looks clean and nice. Some aspen trees will be planted behind the house.


The concrete floor was cleaned on Wednesday, sealed on Thursday, and waxed twice on Friday. Now it is hardening and tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) we can move in some furniture!


The floor is amazing! The building is very good! I am pleased.

Solar Power to the People

Finally! Now our solar panels are producing electricity! It has been a very slow process, don’t ask me why, but mostly because of our electricians Allied Electric. Positive Energy Solar have done the installation and they have been good to work with. PNM in Santa Fe have also been ok. This town is probably one of the best places on Earth to have solar panels in. There are more than 300 sun days per year, we are at a high elevation, which makes the air thin and it never gets really hot and that helps the efficiency of the solar panels. On top of that the pueblo style houses are perfect because the roofs are flat and the parapets hide the panels so they can’t be seen from the ground!


Let there be light… at least LED

This week a lot has happened, not everything so visible, som some things are:


Now there is light in the studio.


The stone countertop was mounted and the sink, plumbing, etc. as well as some of the appliances, etc.


The guest room is almost done. Sealing of the floor remains and a few minor details.


You can never have too many clamps. While building a shelf I found myself lacking long clamps, good thing I have a sturdy concrete roof! In the background the converters for the solar panels can be seen. Hopefully next week we will start producing our own electricity!

Huge difference

Sorry, it has been a while since I updated! Lots and lots of things are happening!