The enjoyment of Transparent Personality

It is a pleasure looking at the sculpture and showing it to visitors. It should be placed at a location where many could see it. The process of oxidation has begun!steel34

Lines and shades of black on plywood

It has been truly enjoyable to work with something entirely different! Three new pieces, each 48 x40 cm. They can be hung with horizontal lines or vertical. I have used various types of black paint: artist oil paints, house paints – both oil based and water based, as well as graphite (pencil), etc. I have also used strips of plywood which I have glued onto the board. The following are two pictures of each piece, shown in either direction.lines2lines3lines4lines5lines6lines7 Initially my plan was to frame the pieces with glass, in order to protect them, but I think that would not be the best for the art work, so I will just have to handle them with the utmost care. Now the process will continue as the wood will slowly darken as it is exposed to light, which will enhance the works. This process will continue for many years.

Something entirely new – on plywood

Inspired from my recent visit to Art Cologne, I have started a new experimental project. In Cologne I saw some art done with lead pencil and it made me curious to try to use it on the plywood surface. One thing led to the next and I had fun making this piece, where I have used six different types of black, including a black pen. The piece is 40 x 48 cm. I am currently working on a few more variations.lines1

Transparent Personality

Easter weekend is over. Several hundred visitors, most of them expressed oh, awe, wow! in various levels of sincerity. Rewarding and also exhausting. So many questions, so much interest; many said they received energy, inspiration and a “kick”. No wonder I am tired. Before the weekend I spent a few days of hard work, placing my steel art piece in the ground.steel24Ready for installation of the piece.

steel25It arrived on a huge truck and was placed on this little trailer.

steel26Everything worked out great. Until now I had been able to do it alone.

steel27My really nice neighbor came over and together we carefully raised the piece. I did not want it to tip over and fall into the pit. It weighs about 200 kg.

steel28It very smoothly got lowered down into the pit. Evening of a long day…

steel29Next morning I could level the piece and shovel all the dirt back, replace the grass pieces and clean up. All with a great sense of satisfaction!

steel30Ten millimeter steel rising out of the ground with no visible support. Gently swaying in the wind.

steel31The morning sun creates a duplicating shadow on the ground.

steel32The piece is mirrored in the window.


Easter Exhibition coming up

The final preparations for the Easter exhibition are being done. The corten steel piece is arriving tomorrow and I have dug the hole in the ground for the foundation.steel22


And I have mailed the invitation to a lot of people…pask14

Somewhat different than before

I have painted and been diligent!farson2

Who are they? I certainly don’t know…

Spring is here, for sure. I am waiting for the real thing, the steel thing…steel21

Going to Düsseldorf for the Wire show (my old playground!!!) and then Art Cologne (my new playground???).

Old and mysterious

The little painting of the mysterious lady from the past is slowly progressing.fmf2

It still needs something…