Lines and shades of black on plywood

It has been truly enjoyable to work with something entirely different! Three new pieces, each 48 x40 cm. They can be hung with horizontal lines or vertical. I have used various types of black paint: artist oil paints, house paints – both oil based and water based, as well as graphite (pencil), etc. I have also used strips of plywood which I have glued onto the board. The following are two pictures of each piece, shown in either direction.lines2lines3lines4lines5lines6lines7 Initially my plan was to frame the pieces with glass, in order to protect them, but I think that would not be the best for the art work, so I will just have to handle them with the utmost care. Now the process will continue as the wood will slowly darken as it is exposed to light, which will enhance the works. This process will continue for many years.

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  1. Very attractive tension and interaction between natural and structural elements! Love that one where they seem to dissolve and become a whole…

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