Finally something new

I have taken a year off from updating my website, but now I am back. It has been a year with a lot of work on renovation and improving a new property in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Currently I am back in Sweden and I have made a painting of my new horse Hootie, which I will show at Blå Hallen in Höganäs during Friday, Saturday and Sunday (July 26-28). I will have a booth and will show a selection of paintings.

Horse with Reg and Green Background, oil on plywood, 115 x 157,5 cm incl. frame, 2024

Time to get active again

A year has passed. I have mostly been focused on houses. But this summer I will have an Open Studio exhibition in Sweden and I am painting clouds.

A different kind of art project

Architecture is related to the arts. I have always been interested in architecture. My school buddies suggested I should become an architect, but I did not follow that advice. Now I have designed a guesthouse and it is coming near to completion. I have been fully involved in building it and it has been an incredible experience going from vision to reality.

Studio Tour Easter weekend

After a two year pandemic paus, we were back at Konstrundan, the large studio tour in southwestern Sweden. Maybe not quite the usual crowd, but nonetheless over 1200 enthusiastic visitors have come so far. The tour continues evenings this week and next weekend, April 23 & 24. All age groups have been here and most people have walked around with a smile on their faces and many have expressed awe and inspiration. It is a privilege to be able to share the house and the art.

Abstract Horizon 12-22

This painting is my suggestion for a new Ukrainian flag! Size 80×80 cm, oil on plywood.

Do Artists Retire?

Today I was basically offended. Someone had written about me that I was retired! That person does not understand what it is to be an artist. I am NOT retired and NEVER will retire… I hope. I recently read a very interesting book about the Private Lives of the Impressionists in France. Some of them came from relatively wealthy families, some were dirt poor. They all kept creating and exploring new ways of making art. They were mocked and ridiculed and did not have much commercial success during their lifetimes, but they are titans in the art world today. They painted and created until they died.

I found the book very inspiring! As an artist it is easy to doubt yourself and feel inadequate. I have read of artists who have become very successful and still keep knocking and doubting themselves, even taking to drinking and other self-destructive behavior. Think of Basquiat, Pollock, van Gogh, etc. Just because I have made one master piece, there is no guarantee that I will be able to make another. But we are always on the search, always exploring new ideas, practicing our skills, observing the world around us. Hopefully we can put food on the table, so we can live another day of being creative.

A photo from my exhibition at Arts Fort Worth, where I am showing 25 Horizon paintings.

Arts Fort Worth, Texas

An exhibition with 25 horizon paintings is shown at Arts Fort Worth from January 7 until February 26. Check their website here.

Abstract Horizon 20-20, oil on plywood, 16″ x 16″, 2020

And another new piece

Another horizon, not so abstract this time. Horizon 1-21, oil on plywood, 14.2″ x 20″.

Another new piece

Abstract Horizon 14-2021, oil on plywood, 80 x 80 cm / 31.5″ x 31.5″.