New work, finally

For quite some time I have been working on more horizon paintings and today I was able to photograph twelve new works and I will be sharing some, one by one. Here is a little, dear painting. Horizon in Gold, oil on plywood. The painting is 10″ x 8″ and the gilded frame is 19.5″ x 17.5″.

Commission for Hotel Flora new restaurant

I recently got a commission to make two large Abstract Horizon paintings for the new restaurant, Södra Larm, at Hotel Flora in Gothenburg. The restaurant opened on September 29. Check it out if you are in Gothenburg!

Abstract Horizon Hotel Flora I, oil on plywood, 120 x 120 cm
Abstract Horizon Hotel Flora II, oil on plywood, 120 x 120 cm

Work at Galleri MDA in Helsingborg

Miguel and Christian at Galleri MDA are showing a number of Abstract Horizons for a month. I am very honored to be showing with them.

Open Studio July 23 to 25

Welcome to Villa Holsby and my Open Studio. Friday to Sunday, July 23–25, from 11 to 5. Törnrosvägen 32, 263 72 Skäret (near Arild). Contact me to have me send you a Price Overview in pdf format.

At Galleri MDA in Blå Hallen

I have the honor of showing with Galleri MDA at Blå Hallen in Höganäs for a few weekends in July. A lot of people are moving through the very cool “market place” of Blå Hallen, where you can meet people and even get a really good pizza.

Six Horizon pieces and one shadow steel piece on display. The large painting to the left is painted by Diego Binéitez.

New shadow piece!

I finally received the “latest” steel shadow piece that I actually had laser cut over a year ago, but since we were not able to come to Sweden, it was kept at Femcab in Värnamo until yesterday! It is called Nora and is 60 x 30 cm. Come and visit and see it and the almost new Picasso piece int he background. There will be an open studio exhibition July 23 – 25, from 11 to 17 (5 pm) each day.


This is a new painting, which combines landscape/horizon with a human figure. It is based on a photo taken of my mom’s older sister, who died four years old, before my mom was born. Mom suggested the title “Alone, on a Different Shore”. Oil on plywood, with an elegant frame that I made. 22″ x 18.5″ (56 x 47 cm).

Alone, on a Different Shore

Larger Abstract Horizon paintings

I am making some larger Abstract Horizon paintings for a possible exhibition. These are 31.5″ x 31.5″ (80 x 80 cm). Most of them can be hung either may. This one is called Abstract Horizon 3-2021, oil on plywood.

Like this…
Or like this.

A painted selfie, why not?

It is very common for millions (billions?) of people to post selfies on social media. A snapshot or a staged photograph. I thought of this phenomenon and decided to paint a few selfies. This is the first one, 12×20 cm, in the Post Art format. And maybe it will be mailed to someone soon?

12 new Post Art paintings

I have made 12 new small paintings, size 12×20 cm (about 4.5″x8″) and these will be mailed as post cards. I have done it before and even sent what I call Post Art paintings from the USA to Europe and they usually arrive in surprisingly good condition. Who will receive a painting in the mail?