How the west was won

I have added a light touch of sepia and rubbed away some of the paint on the background. I have also been thinking of a suitably mystical name: How the west was won.

Size 65 x 50 cm. Oil on plywood. Now it will dry for a few days and then I may sand off some of the paint on the ground, if I don’t come up with a better idea…

Another Indian from the past

I have been active again.

I wonder how it will look when the paint has dried? Probably more grain will show. Have to come up with a suitable name… And a suitable continuation…

The Yuma

I have finished the painting of the indian. The painting is based on an old photo by Edward Sherrif Curtis, a legendary photographer who documented the American Native peoples. I have added a couple of layers of varnish and have painted the sides English Red. The glossy surface creates an interesting contrast to the aged looking plywood structure. I have already started on another indian painting…

Beach Art, Surfing and good times in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Back in action after a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica! A few pictures. Enjoy!

After a very long journey down close to the equator, no wonder it is hard to decide how to turn the camera.

Guess what we found?

A great place for another Facial!

Freddie Meadows carving a great turn.

Freddie showing off his back…

Dancing the waves.

Wow! My buddy is airbourne!

Peter Meadows decides to return into the wave.

Simon Skalleberg is seeking some shade from the sun.

Simon is trying to sit on the wave. Not very successful?

Oh, yes!

The artist is humbly riding a baby wave…

Somehow I am always late in life. Started late with art, surfing debut in middle age…

Say hello, smile.

More succesful without a surfboard.

Maybe I should paint this?

I can still laugh, there is hope…

Andrea is showing off great potential and fixin´ to get bruised.

Crowding the water for a morning surf lesson.

Early morning on the great Santa Teresa beach.

Beauty on the beach, returning after a long morning walk.

A moment of up-side-down contemplation.

More relaxed contemplation… man, life can be sooo hard.

Walking on holy ground, with Deck flip-flops by surf legend Herbie Fletcher.

It takes a very long time for nature to make holes like these.

But it takes only a moment to detect beauty!

Of course I am talking about the pelicans. What did you think, baby?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Our proud neighbour George.

The howling monkeys kept us awake!

There is a time to count your blessings…

… and there is a time to go home.

Good bye, beaches of Nicoya Peninsula. We had a great time! Hope to see you again.

Good bye, Tortuga Island.

Good bye Costa Rica, a cargo ship heading out into the Pacific Ocean.

Inbound to the International airport in San José.

Safely on the gound after a great flight and a fantastic vacation in Costa Rica.