Pressing on… new piece finished

Just finished this today. 20 inches tall (508 x 95 x 95 mm). I could call this piece Profundity. There is something profound in the way the wood, the knots pierce the piercing look.





Opening at Evoke Contemporary

A few pictures from a very well attended opening at Evoke Contemporary in Santa Fe, Friday May 29.







Me together with amazing artists Kristine and Colin Poole.

Works in process, now the part of waiting…

Patience. The paint HAS to dry. Wait. Do something else… why not start on two more? After these are dry I will sand the surface and then we will see what needs to be done.


Worked like a madman

Since the paint takes a long time to dry, I have to force my work to allow days of drying. Today a week until gallery opening!


Accepted a challenge

“Can’t you make a large one?” Such an easy question. And such a challenge. But, why not? Better try and fail than never going for it. And on that note: how did I even manage without a table saw?




Ghost player – work in progress

I have finally continued working on a painting I started in March. The piece is 120 x 80 cm. I am thinking of calling it Ghost Player. It has an eerie, spooky feel. The grin on the boy’s face is weird, like he is provoking, teasing, luring the viewer into something that will change the life of the onlooker… beware…


Works in progress, waiting again…

One of the hardest parts of painting is… not to paint. Stay away. Let it dry. These have to dry quite well, because the next step will be to go over them with sand paper.


Evoke Contemporary in Santa Fe, upcoming show

I have been invited by Kathrine and Elan at Evoke Contemporary in the Railyard Area in Santa Fe. In my opinion one of the very best galleries in this gallery town. The have some amazing artists and I feel humble but honored to have been invited to show alongside some of their skilled artists. It is very challenging and I am working right now to meet their expectations!



No action? But lots of it anyways!

After a few days of amazing vacation in the Cortez, Colorado, area I am back in the swing of things. Right now in the process of finishing a piece I started before we left for Cortez. Oil on cedar, 9,5 x 9,5 x 40,5 cm. I am going to make a few more of these.