New Pocket Art

I am slowly working my way back in to the studio. I have completed three new pocket art pieces.

A fantastic Magpie evening in the field

Our improvised evening in the field was a great success! Benjamin played two great sets and quite a crowd turned up in spite of the short notice and the low key information about the event.

Benjamin played a couple of songs in the late evening sun to a small but enthusiastic crowd!

Simply the best evening this summer! Everyone wants us to do something soon again…

Magpie Funeral plays Americana

On Tuesday 24 July at six in the afternoon we are inviting everybody and anybody to join us at the intersection Tvillinghusvägen and the bike / walkway between Lerhamn and Mölle (the old train track), where my large painting is. Please bring your own food and drink and friends. Benjamin Högh will play his guitar and sing his own Americana inspired songs. The weather is supposed to be good, for a change… We will occupy the bike path and compensate bypassers for the inconvenience with a sip of wine, so be generous and bring an extra glass for a new friend!


Large painting & small Facials

Today I mounted a couple of Facials on the large painting. Maybe these will be small Art Offerings? Otherwise the painting seems to be totally unharmed.

Now joggers and bikers have something to look at…

Deadly fight at Villa Holsby

I looked out and saw bird feathers spread out over a large area! I guess the neighbor cat had quite a fight with a young pheasant. I have never seen that happen here before.

Summer Exhibition at my Studio

I have decided to open my studio for a brief summer exhibition. The official opening times will be:

From July 19 until August 4 (three weeks) I will be officially open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 13 to 18. You can also call or drop by at any other time. If I am in the studio I am only happy to get a visit and will let you in!

Six days without destruction

I came back to the painting this afternoon and all looked just as when I left it six days ago. Amazing! No graffiti, no vandalization, no destruction. I painted the supports on the ground to make them blend in a bit more.

While I was working several people stopped by to talk. Very interesting to hear questions, comments and various ideas about what the painting says.