Catching the bubbles of life

Maybe I should leave it now, don’t do too much, let the wood be untouched, maybe it has some symbolic meaning to some people?

Back in action again

After a rather depressed week with many dark thoughts I am back at work in the studio. I have rearranged and cleaned up in the studio a bit. Cleared out some shelves in the storage room which were built for the previous owner Paul Holsby and his needs when making prints. Also moved around some large cabinets and was able to free up some nice wall space in the studio.

The storage room is now much better suited for my needs now. I can store paintings and even to some extent view them and let others see them as well. Might come in handy.

Today I also took care of my bookkeeping and year end results for my tax declaration. Always a relief when it is done.

So, now I am back at the easel again.
Have started a real challenge. I want to do some “happy” work. I need it…

Far from finished, but I feel encouraged with the beginning. 80×40 cm.

Never done that either…

After several thin and relatively transparent layers it looks like this now. Unfortunately the dark side does not show the glossy surface and how you can see the wood grain in the glare. I have done something new again, but I won’t reveal everything.

80×40 cm, oil and varnish on plywood

Punk Pink Splash

A unexpected turn of events! Added some pink spraypaint.

Punk Pink Splash, 40×120 cm. oil and spraypaint on plywood.


Big eyes

Yesterday I started on something new, continued today. Why is it that I always feel like I have lost it…?

40 x 120 cm, oil on plywood. Hope it dries well tonight and I will add a thin layer of some warmer tone tomorrow. And then what?

Other activities in the studio…

Sometimes you have to do bookkeeping and other stuff. Like filing and organizing various matters. But I have also done some artistic work.
In connection with the visit by the people from the hospital in Helsingborg, I started to work on a couple of paintings which were supposed to be “happy”. But I was not happy with them, so I kept on working and adding layers of paint, both oil and spray. Then I decided to place them side-by-side, so now they are a diptych. I guess I will take a rest from them for a while:

Each piece is 60×40 cm.