Back in action again

After a rather depressed week with many dark thoughts I am back at work in the studio. I have rearranged and cleaned up in the studio a bit. Cleared out some shelves in the storage room which were built for the previous owner Paul Holsby and his needs when making prints. Also moved around some large cabinets and was able to free up some nice wall space in the studio.

The storage room is now much better suited for my needs now. I can store paintings and even to some extent view them and let others see them as well. Might come in handy.

Today I also took care of my bookkeeping and year end results for my tax declaration. Always a relief when it is done.

So, now I am back at the easel again.
Have started a real challenge. I want to do some “happy” work. I need it…

Far from finished, but I feel encouraged with the beginning. 80×40 cm.

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