Working on several projects

I built a box to go on Andrea’s bicycle. A regular paper shopping bag fits in it and she can use it for small scale grocery shopping at the neighborhood store. So now I am painting a youthful Wyatt Earp on it, half of his face on each side. This is the humble beginning.



I am working… yes I am… Added some to the Man with Orange and started on a new one which will be called Joining the Ultra Marines.


Man with orange

I have been working really hard on two paintings all day. One I will not show yet, but this one is coming along ok. Painting to me is like falling… a slow extended fall, scary and uncertain…


First try using gold leaf

For years I have wanted to work with gilding, but never gotten around to it until now. It was hard to do it on the rough plywood surface. And it was more or less impossible to get a good photo in the evening light, will have to try again tomorrow. I have also worked with the man. The piece is 40 x 26 cm. Have to come up with a good title.