Something like a classic portrait?

Does this look like a classic portrait? I don’t know, I’m still enjoying the challenge.

A couple of layers of varnish and then…?

I could need an assistant now…

I have been very busy today, a lot of things are happening, but only a few things to show.

I decided to fill the cracks with black in this one.

And then I worked on this one. I need to soften the white, make it more sepia.

And then I started a new piece. 35 x 20 cm and about 2 cm thick.

Taking a risk is necessary

I applied a layer of varnish this morning and it was drying very slowly. So this afternoon I was impatient and I covered the painting with burnt sienna.

My idea was to simply wipe off the paint and let all the cracks remain filled, but since the varnish wasn’t quite dry, the paint stuck immediately and I thought I had a problem. I wiped and wiped and then used some linseed oil to wipe some more.

It created a sepia feel and the cracks turned out pretty cool, I think.

Other pieces in progress:

Moving on…

I am working on a number of smaller paintings. A couple of pictures of some that are in progress. Each piece is 20 x 15 cm, pretty much the size of a pocket book.

A new invention! And… All you need is a colorful smile!

Today I came up with a new way to frame my paintings. I cut thin strips of plywood, spraypainted them and nailed them to the outside of the painting. This created a very thin, graphic line around the work.

I have worked quite a bit with the background. There are several layers of paint on the background and only one layer of varnish on the face.

Not long ago I played with my Facials and built a little color cube, 20 x 20 x 20 cm.

The sides are blue, red, yellow, and green. The top is white and the bottom black. Basically all you need…



A day of searching

Today has been a day of contemplation and searching. Experimenting and thinking. One example:

31 x 31 cm, oil on plywood.


Could not keep my hands off

I made an addition today:

And then I modified an old painting:

This piece makes the other one look so much better, he he.

A fresh start on something new

Today I chose to do something very different. I decided to work with alizarin crimson only. So I started on this one. And think I will leave it as it is… at least for a while.

The size is 100 x 75 cm. The wood will darken and add texture.

Something radical? Enough?

So, today I took a wide spackle and scraped off a lot of paint.Then I mixed a light blue, with a touch of red in it, took a big brush and added rough, quick brush strokes. Now I feel better about it. It was fun!

Now I have a collection of twelve similar paintings, all painted more or less differently. I am quite fed up with this now and will let them rest for a while and do something else. Each piece is 76 x 60 cm.