Awfully messy start

In the beginning of a new piece, it takes faith and courage to go on, because the start may look very discouraging, like this. First step:

And the next step:

Now I guess something radical is needed…

Another first

I have never done this before, either…

A little unseen friend, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Check out the amazing art by Andy Goldsworthy! Google his name and you will find wonderful pictures. He only uses natural materials such as stones, leaves, reeds, snow, etc. Many of his works resemble eyes! There is often a dark, mysterious hole in the center of his works, juts like the pupil in an eye. This morning I transformed a molehill into a very modest tribute to Andy Goldsworthy! An incredible artist.

Last night I started on a new piece. Will continue today.

First time without extra oil

Today I did something I have never done before. I painted on plywood without using any extra linseed oil. This means that the paint was really dry, since the oil in the paint soaks in to the plywood very quickly. I also used old and worn brushes, which makes it more like using crayons or pastels. I think I will leave the painting now. The areas which have no paint will darken, as the wood ages, which may add extra texture to the work, who knows? That is part of the fun, to see what is going to happen…

(I am still thinking about where to place the 12 meter painting. Stay tuned!)


Communication breakdown (it was fun while it lasted)

After two and a half months the wind finally caused a communication breakdown. I am actually surprised the painting lasted that long! But I had hoped it would last all winter.

It took almost four hours to take everything apart and clean up. Quite a few people came by and expressed how sad they were to see the painting go down. I have really enjoyed this project! It has been so nice to work outside, with the ocean nearby, the wind, the sounds, and most of all, the nice, friendly and positive people I have met. Thank you!
Now I am thinking about another place where I can have the painting. I want it to be outside all winter… I will have to do some minor repair work and then it goes up again.


Collection of enlarged Pocket Art

I have been making Pocket Art for some time. The larger paintings I am working on now are really Pocket Art enlarged ten times. This is as far as I have come so far.

Obscure work

I took the latest “canvas” and sanded it… Then added a layer of varnish. That’s it.

Time to start a new one…

Custom Painted Surfboard for Simon Part 2

A very long afternoon of cutting out…

 And then spraying takes just a few moments.

And then a few more hours of cutting.

Just a thin, fuzzy line of white. Close up it almost looks abstract. Next step is to add a few layers of boat varnish and then Simon can go surfing with a pretty unique board.