Productive in Santa Fe

I am working. Have been working (new blog, planning for the first Zolo Gallery show, etc.), but now I am even painting and making lines pieces. Here are the two new ones. They are each 56 x 32 cm. Oil, spray paint, graphite and plywood strips on plywood.



Early artists & Nature’s Sculpture Garden

We made an amazing trip to Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park and the area around Moab, Utah. We hiked, rode our bikes, studied approximately 1000 year old petroglyphs on the walls of the narrow canyon where we stayed for four nights, and we were speechless before the amazing natural sculptures we were seeing all the time. A very inspiring trip.petrogl1
High up on a vertical canyon wall, an amazing story of hunting and what not. A very unusual image of a pig!?

3gossipsThe three Gossips.

arch1Landscape Arch.

rock&cloud1Simply at a loss for words…

Zolo Gallery in waiting…

Zolo Gallery… at least it is not empty. Some of my new line pieces are there to indicate a future. Maybe the first show will be something about New Mexico? Probably end of November.newzol7newzol8newzol9newzol10