The joy of falling!

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the art of falling. Now I can talk of the joy of falling… or painting. I guess one of my “advantages” is that that I am not schooled or trained to paint in a certain way and I always have to struggle and try taking unsteady steps into the unknown. I am never really approaching a face the same way. Today I found a color I have never used before and it worked well!


A roof!

Our dear neighbor Rolf Wallengren sent a few pictures. Now we have vigas in place and a roof with parapets coming up!




The art of falling

Creating art is like jumping of a cliff. I keep forgetting how difficult it is and how important it is to have faith. In the end something will come out of it all, it is just important to keep pressing on. I have taken up a challenge – to create eleven paintings in a different style than the same eleven faces I painted in 2009. My dad and all his siblings and parents. The first five have been started.


Progress in my absence and presence

The studio is coming along even as we are not present. The framers are installing vigas, parapets, inside walls, etc.



Two pictures of the portal.


Vigas in the studio.


And the vigas in the kitchen and the wall tot he bathroom.


Meanwhile I have been working. Finished this commission and delivered to a pleased buyer!

Practicing, trying new ways

I am starting up a project to paint 11 paintings, experimenting and trying new stuff, don’t have any stifling ambitions, so I can just “go with the flow”. Some pictures of the first two paintings… not completed.



Back in the Swedish studio for a while

Swedish summer outside = rain, cool, green, lush… kinda nice though! I am finishing a piece I started before we left. A commission for a friend.


Before we left, we bought a wonderful little cloud painting by amazing painter and dear friend Colin Poole. Inspires me to try to paint some skies, but it won’t be this good, I am sure.