Purple Crush by artist Jeremy Thomas

Back in Santa Fe: today I spent some nice time with artist Jeremy Thomas. He returned a piece I bought a few years ago, which needed a bit of a touch up. Now it is looking gorgeous on the concrete floor in the studio.


Post Studio Tour quiet

After having had about 2300 visitors in our home for ten days, lots of talks with enthusiastic, friendly people, it was nice to be quiet for a while. Not much beats burning huge pile of branches and debris from a felled tree, standing by the fire in the evening light, listening to the wind in the tree tops and having busy birds flying overhead, preparing their nests. Hours go by, looking at the flames, raking and controlling the pile of glowing embers. A cold beer and a warm jacket… peaceful.


2100 enthusiastic visitors… exhausted…

Over Easter weekend around 2100 people walked through the house, all the way into the bedroom. Feedback is amazing, sales ok, maybe a bit slow. The studio tour is still on. The painting on display in Landskrona sold (The Woman from Los Alamos) and I have had the opportunity to educate a lot of Swedes about Los Alamos, New Mexico – where the atom bomb was invented. A pdf of the price overview is available in the post below.