In an experimental phase

Today I have worked a lot with the young woman. The lace collar, her face and hair, her body and some touch up on the older woman. Then I applied a thin layer of a cold and greenish yellow on the entire background. Not sure I like it, but it has to dry before I do anything more.


Patiently working with the subtle details

Today I have added a third layer of white to the baby’s dress, I have worked a lot with black on the women’s dresses, the hand of the older woman, the man’s white collar and started working on his face. More tomorrow!


Detail work in progress

Quite a bit of work done, but probably hard to see in the photo. Such as a second coat of white on the baby, detail work on hands, the face of the baby, the old man’s tie, etc. etc.  Now is a phase that is pretty hard to do, enjoyable and scary, because it is easy to ruin parts of the painting, since I can’t just add layer on layer as with traditional oil painting on canvas. It is important to keep the birch texture and keep an even balance in all parts.


The problem solving has begun!

What colors to use? How much to add? Varnish? Background? Etc… The birch plywood creates a wonderful texture, soft and like fabric! I have to be careful not to do too much!


Kind of exhausted

An intense day. Slowly making progress. Many problems remain to be solved. I have never made a large painting on birch plywood before – I like it!


Yesterday black, today white

Today I have added a lot of white and some Titanium Buff. This is a cropped picture of the “canvas”. It is always interesting to paint on plywood – my plan was to do this and that, but when I start painting and realize what the plywood does, it often changes my plan of action. This time I am painting on birch and I am really starting to like it, because the birch creates a shine that is pretty cool. Well, a lot of work remains… a lot.


New, exhaustive work

For a number of days I have been preparing and starting my, probably, most ambitious work until now. Today I was able to start painting. It will be a big job to bring this to completion. The size of the painting is about 150 x 120 cm (59″ x 47″).


The Weaver

Another small piece, 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches) with some gilding.