Have Fun! Having fun…

Is joy the same thing as having fun? Can a laugh be an expression of sadness? Or seriousness? Well, I am making a series of paintings that will all be of the same image, but in different colors and expressions. I have made three so far. This is the most recent one.


Having fun with broad brush strokes

Practise, practise, practise… paint, paint, paint… the more I learn, the less I know. Testing new ideas, new brush strokes so to speak.


Also working on a commission, letting the paint take over…


Completed commission!

I consider the two paintings to be completed. Titles need to be confirmed, but I am suggesting Buddies in Mischief and Morris the Cat. Both paintings are 100 x 80 cm.


Pieces on Cedar

A picture of five pieces I made in the early summer in Santa Fe. Some of them are available at Evoke Contemporary. Oil on Cedar.



Letting chance be part of the process. Having fun.



Sneaky Emerson

The name of the cat is Emerson. Curious, sneaky, unpredictable… a cat. Have to let him dry a couple of days and then do some final corrections on his head. The green background kept sliding downward during the night.


Not too bad for a start

Finally I stopped avoiding the second painting in my commission. Now I have a start that almost worked too well. I like the rough image, it is almost a shame to do too much more. If I decide to leave it as it is, I really have to do it and not fiddle around and ruin this rough style. I still have to paint the cat and the bottle… Same size, 100 x 80 cm.


Morris the Cat

Now I will leave this painting and start on the other. Whiskers and a fake mouse…