Porpoise with a Purpose

I just remembered: I did paint some during the summer. A small painting as a birthday present for a young woman who has been doing a research project about porpoises this summer around Kullaberg. The piece is only 15 x 30 cm, oil on plywood. (She was excited!)porpoise

Zolo Gallery – today the logos came up and the news is official

New logos on clean windows. Info to the locals. Fun!newzol3newzol5newzol6newzol4Late November or early December we are opening our first show. In the meantime we are going to Santa Fe to “re-charge our batteries”. Our plan is to run a gallery with gallery-less artists, young and older. A gallery where you can come in and get a good espresso or cappuccino with a biscotti or occasionally something more substantial (cheesecake or chocolate cake or…) whenever the hostess is in the mood for baking. We also hope to have other activities, more about that later.

Frank Lloyd Wrong

My wife calls me Frank Lloyd Wrong. I have been nourishing some old architecture dreams… back in the school days my buddies told me I should study architecture. I never understood what they meant and why they said that, but I guess I should have listened. Now I am humbly helping our neighbors with some ideas about extending their existing house, which has kept me from painting. Among many other things.drawing

Meanwhile the steel sculpture is getting rustier in the rain we are now finally receiving.steel47steel48