Difficult works in progress

I have been working on these paintings for some time. The baby to the left is me! The other painting is of two of my babies! My adorable Andrea and our firstborn Lucas. The problem is that it is almost impossible to get them right and I am considering this a practice, have no idea what to do with the painting. Maybe hang it in our bedroom. When I am up close, working with this painting, it looks fine and my eyes well over with tears of thankfulness and love… and when I step away and look at the piece from at distance something looks wrong. Ah, well, I’ll just keep working on it.


This afternoon I took a break from painting, went downtown and had a long needed haircut and bought a cool t-shirt made by Santa Fe artist Frank Buffalo Hyde!


A Marines Pin!

While in Roanoke, Virginia, Andrea found a Marines Pin at a yard sale!


The Ultra Marines, mixed media (oil on plywood) 40 x 26 cm

A new piece… and a break

I have started another piece, but this one will have to sit and wait a while as we are leaving for the Cortez, CO area for a few days of exploring. Hopefully gathering new ideas and inspiration.


Mixed media and stuff

Another day of working on my latest paintings.


The left painting is called The Ultra Marine. The other one is The Gold Digger. Both are 30 x 26 cm, oil on plywood and mixed media.


Fine tuning of this little piece.


Worked on the background, varnished the suit, added a flea market find.

Works in progress

I am currently working on several pieces at the same time. Smaller works. Doing some mixed media, soon I will add some fun stuff the latest paintings. In the meantime, here are two new pieces in process. One is 38 x 24 cm and the other is 20 x 20 cm.



The Ultra Marines

I went back to this challenge and work a few more hours. Such a baby face – no lines, no wrinkles, just very subtle shades, which is pretty hard. But Andrea says it looks just like her dad. Some work remains.