Prep for concrete slab and kitchen cabinets

After a quiet Memorial weekend the team is back working on the preparation for the concrete slab. Now we are chasing to be able to have a floor to work from and also to enable the fire place builder to get started. Meanwhile I am “slaving” away in the garage, building my kitchen cabinets. Three are built, five more to go, but they are bigger. Then doors and drawers have to be built, but that is not so urgent, because the cabinets can be installed without drawers and doors.



Bathroom vanity almost done… and more

The bathroom vanity is getting done. The stone top has to be selected, on top of it there will be a nice Catalano sink.



At the construction site Gabriel and Jesús are preparing for the concrete slab. The walls are half built and filled with concrete.




Spending time in the studio

It is starting to look something like a house. Inspection today, core filling concrete in the walls tomorrow, starting on the floor next. When we have a concrete floor we will continue on the walls.


Walls and cabinets are being built

The walls of the studio are slowly coming up. Meanwhile I am in the garage/workshop building cabinets. The first one is the vanity for the bathroom. The cabinets will be painted like paintings, art pieces, hence the plywood structure!



Water and sewer and more

The plumbers have done a lot. Nobody knew where the water and sewer lines were – now we know, after a few mishaps. We dug trenches all the way to the street and installed conduit for communication cables, electricity for a future gate (just in case). I got to try operating the excavator, ha ha – no easy task. Where the studio/guest house is being built there used to be an area where the previous owners were trying to grow grapes for wine. There were eight large planters, which we did not want to just throw away. So we move two and two of our neighbors took care of the other. Now we have two very nice planters with fresh soil and irrigation so Andrea can plant herbs and vegetables!








Pouring the core and working on plans

Today the Faswall blocks for the foundation were core filled with concrete. It is going to be a solid building, as the same building material will go all the way to the roof.