A painted selfie, why not?

It is very common for millions (billions?) of people to post selfies on social media. A snapshot or a staged photograph. I thought of this phenomenon and decided to paint a few selfies. This is the first one, 12×20 cm, in the Post Art format. And maybe it will be mailed to someone soon?

12 new Post Art paintings

I have made 12 new small paintings, size 12×20 cm (about 4.5″x8″) and these will be mailed as post cards. I have done it before and even sent what I call Post Art paintings from the USA to Europe and they usually arrive in surprisingly good condition. Who will receive a painting in the mail?

Frederick going home

Water cut steel piece The Abolitionist, No. 1 of 10, is on its way to The Frederick Douglass Center for Collaborative Leadership in Rochester, New York. It will be on permanent display. Visit their website to learn more about what they do: https://fdfi.org