The Graffiti wall was a hit

My old 12 meter mural was donated to the graffiti artists of Höganäs in the fall of 2014. Apparently it was a hit and it was hit by the recent storm Gorm as well and destroyed. So in the spring of 2016 they will build a new 12 meter wall and secure it with concrete! Wow, Go Höganäs Go! Read this.


This is how it looked once upon the time.



Yesterday as I was painting while enjoying some good music, I felt euphoric for a while. That fleeting sense of intense happiness is rare and it has been quite a while since I last felt it while painting. It is something about working in large format, using a large brush and painting with your entire body being in motion.


While working on this I realized that it is not easier to make a rougher painting than one that is more exact, closer to realistic. There are so many decisions involved and it is so easy to over-work a piece.

Mixed media

I made a 385 cm long artwork some time ago. It consists of six parts. Andrea was not pleased with it and challenged me to take it a step further. So, just for the fun of it, I added a few different things.



Not looking back

Too late to regret anything, just move forward and follow your instincts… or whatever it is.


Starting on a new, large piece

Yesterday I started on this large piece, the format is 122 x 190 cm (48 x 75 inches). I got a good start, it already looks pretty cool. Will I regret that I am just about to continue?


Three new completed works

These three paintings are now completed. The one to the left is called Modern Times. The middle one, The Boss, and the right painting… I am not sure yet, but something like Brothers went to war… Click on the picture to see a larger version.


Untitled so far

What should I call this painting? So much can be read into this picture.


The Boss

Added metallic silver to the bowtie. The Boss, 38 x 24 cm.