Happy New Year!

It is New Years Eve and I am cleaning up in the studio. This is how the Arizona painting looks now:

I will let it rest for a while, probably add a few layers of varnish and paint the sides in English red.

Art for Arizona

I am trying something new again: art inspired by Arizona.

80 x 40 cm. It was really a lot harder than I expected. I will let it dry and se what else I can do…

3 x Pocket Art completed

The three Pocket Art works are done. Each one is 7,5 x 6,2 cm, painted on a 12 mm thick plywood piece, with four layers of glossy varnish.

Pocket Art progress & Villa G&A with Onix architects

With a few layers of varnish I think these small pieces will be decent. It is possible to adjust some after each layer of varnish. The varnish adds some softness and a little bit of “antique” look.

Yesterday we submitted our application for permission to build a new house next to Villa Holsby. We have spent over a year to work on ideas and plans for the new house. We have worked with three different architect firms and a fourth architect has functioned as a filter and speaking partner. Our ambition is very high: the house must last a minimum of 100 years and has to harmonize with the existing Villa Holsby. If all goes well, we plan to start construction after Easter 2012.

The existing Villa Holsby to the left, designed by Per Friberg in 1958. The projected new house to the right, designed by Onix Sweden (Alex van de Beld & Joachim Reiter).

Gold Frame

With help from a good friend I was able to mount my homemade gold frame on the large “landscape” painting I have made. It was really weird hanging the painting on the wall, because it seemed like it should have been a much smaller painting. Now it is like a really oversized picture. But I am not complaining, I am really pleased! Come and look at it!

One problem with large works, apart from handling and transportation, is to be able to take decent pictures of them! My room is simply not large enough! With the frame the piece is 177 x 317 cm! I have made the painting in three sections and the frame can be dismantled, so it is possible to transport it in my car…

A poor attempt at taking a photo. The frame is partly made out of standard floor boards that I have picked up at the building supplies wharehouse in Höganäs.
Now this will be the last large painting in a while, I think…

3 x Pocket Art and Dhafer Youssef

I am making small steps of progress with the pocket art paintings, while listening to wonderful music by the Tunisian composer, singer and oud player Dhafer Youssef.

Updated website & new pocket art

Since I started my blog I have not updated my website… lazy! It was simply more fun working with the blog, but my friend Sverker has told be to stop being lazy. I have removed a lot of older paintings and added some new works from 2010 and 2011.

Go to www.eyemagine.se and click on the green eye to view the new art. Most of them can also be found on this blog, in various stages of completion.

Welcome to visit me, anytime, in my studio! Just give me a call, send a text message, or an email. I always have a lot of paintings on display and I am always happy to have visitors. Check my website for details on how to reach me and how to get here.

I am now working on three tiny pocket art paintings. The beginning is always discouraging, but soon it will improve. I think…

My art on Spotify and iTunes

Now you can see my art on Spotify and iTunes… Hurricane Love have launched their first hit Serial Liar, which is already one of the most downloaded songs in Sweden. Hurricane Love will play a release gig at Debaser in Malmö on Saturday 17 December.

Mystic man

Another day of diligent work.

A closer look:

Who is this man? What is he doing here? I guess the work has to be seen in reality, since it is pretty large.

Landscape progress

Yesterday I was too tired to work on the painting. Today it took a while getting started, but after a while you have to force yourself to get going, and then it is hard stopping…