Gold Frame

With help from a good friend I was able to mount my homemade gold frame on the large “landscape” painting I have made. It was really weird hanging the painting on the wall, because it seemed like it should have been a much smaller painting. Now it is like a really oversized picture. But I am not complaining, I am really pleased! Come and look at it!

One problem with large works, apart from handling and transportation, is to be able to take decent pictures of them! My room is simply not large enough! With the frame the piece is 177 x 317 cm! I have made the painting in three sections and the frame can be dismantled, so it is possible to transport it in my car…

A poor attempt at taking a photo. The frame is partly made out of standard floor boards that I have picked up at the building supplies wharehouse in Höganäs.
Now this will be the last large painting in a while, I think…

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