John Gaw Meem, La Quinta, and Santa Fe, New Mexico

We just spent a few days in New Mexico, mainly Santa Fe, but also Taos and Albuquerque. Spent one night at the Los Poblanos Inn, where the famous architect John Gaw Meem designed one of his master pieces, La Quinta. Beautiful!

A temporary Facial in Santa Fe.

Desert shadows.



Western Art

I have completed seven new pieces based on photos by Edward S. Curtis. I am mostly interested in the faces, not so much the romantic illusion. As a child I read a lot about indians and today I am interested in the fact that the “modern man” is still so fascinated by them. Why is it so? Is it the idea of freedom, and the terrible loss of it?

Each piece is painted on plywood, 20 x 15 cm large and 1,2 cm thick. The sides are cut at a 15 degree angle and all pieces have various layers of high gloss varnish.

The History of the Eye

I have chosen to call this work The History of the Eye. The piece has three layers of very glossy varnish.

Too late for Two Strike, but I am still alive

It has been a busy week outside of the studio. Three days at Skaltek in Stockholm and two days moving Victoria to Gothenburg. Now I have a cold, a sore neck, a bad back, lost a filling in a tooth, but otherwise I am fine…

Victoria borrowed a few paintings for her new apartment in Gothenburg. Too late for Two Strike behind her couch. Punk Pink Splash! on her easel.