Another challenge

I have been working on this painting for a while. It turned out to be more difficult than expected… just because…
Oil on plywood, 48 x 48 cm. It is not quite finished. Something else is needed. Not sure what. Don’t know who the person is, it is not the main thing. Cover half the face – on one side she looks friendly, almost smiling, and on the other side she looks almost sad.


Paintings from home

Where is home? I don’t know anymore? Is it the Stockholm area where I grew up and probably have spent most of my time, or is it the area around Arild in the south of Sweden… or is it Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Southwest? Well, Stockholm is definitely not “home” anymore, and Santa Fe is become more and more “home” each day. But a big part of my heart is still in and around Arild, where my parents live and our children grew up and where we have spent so many wonderful years. So I am continuing to paint images of the coast. I am doing very simplified paintings, it is what appeals to me. These are new:


Morning light, 25 x 58 cm, oil on plywood.


Untitled, 18 x 44 cm, oil on plywood

A couple of new line paintings

It is nice to work on my line paintings now and then. These are on birch plywood, made with graphite, oil and acrylic paints, 48 x 48 cm.



Taking on a new challenge

My work is evolving. I have done desert landscapes before and I have done some horses, but never a rider with tack and all.
“No Water, No Feed”  14 x 47 inches, oil on plywood.  It may get a few layers of glossy varnish when it is dry.


Back after a few days of intense ranch work

After few days at the Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch I am back in the studio. Heifers needed to be branded and ear-tagged, young boys had to be turned into steers, lambs had to be tagged and banded (castrated) and cows had to be moved to better pastures, horses had to be trained and ridden, fences and gates had to be checked… I love it. Now I need to paint again. Photos below by Andrea Skalleberg.