Updated website & new pocket art

Since I started my blog I have not updated my website… lazy! It was simply more fun working with the blog, but my friend Sverker has told be to stop being lazy. I have removed a lot of older paintings and added some new works from 2010 and 2011.

Go to www.eyemagine.se and click on the green eye to view the new art. Most of them can also be found on this blog, in various stages of completion.

Welcome to visit me, anytime, in my studio! Just give me a call, send a text message, or an email. I always have a lot of paintings on display and I am always happy to have visitors. Check my website for details on how to reach me and how to get here.

I am now working on three tiny pocket art paintings. The beginning is always discouraging, but soon it will improve. I think…

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