Finally, a new large painting

For several weeks I have been working on this painting. At times it has been very difficult, especially deciding how to approach the next step. Painting is a series of decisions and you can break it down to each choice of where to start a brush stroke, how to execute it and where to stop. I have enjoyed painting this piece. It is 121 x 81 cm including the discrete frame, I have used oil paints on plywood, as usual. Not sure what to call the piece… maybe The Mountaineer? I have no idea who the couple is.


What most Santa Fe painters have done…?

There is a tradition here of painting the sky and the buildings, sometimes in an abstract way. Georgia O’Keeffe made a few paintings that look totally abstract until you have been in her home and seen where she stood when she painted. I have been working on this piece for several weeks. Don’t know if more like this will be done, but it was a fun thing to do. Oil on pine plywood, 46,5 x 30 cm.


A fun project

Again, I have done something I have never done before. Another square piece, 48 x 48 cm, oil on plywood.


Still Life No. 14

Another still life painting completed, also 20 x 56 cm. Oil on plywood.


Strange piece completed

The strange upside down painting I started a while ago is now complete with four images. It was hard to make and it is hard to study it, kind of mind boggling. The painting can be turned around and then it changes. Below two images of the same painting.



Another, larger still life

I am planning the studio tour at Easter in Sweden and need two somewhat larger still life paintings. This one is finished. I have not come up with titles for the still life paintings, but this one should be something like Vitamin C or the real deal?? 20 x 56 cm, oil on plywood.


A portrait of my dear Gunny

My beloved Gunny, a most amazing and wonderful mare, I have been so lucky… Oil on plywood, 48 x 48 cm. Quarter horse and registered paint; her father is Gunner (Colonels Smoking Gun), a famous reining horse that has been a sire for many, many successful reining horses. Every day is a joy to ride her and let her teach me stuff.


New, strange piece

Focus Left or Right (just turn the painting around), oil on birch plywood, 48 x 48 cm. The piece can be hung either way or you can just turn half of your body around to look at it upside down… very weird how the eyes shift direction. I have certainly never done anything quite like this before.


Purple earbuds now red!

It’s odd, sometimes there are elements of my work that just does not feel right, like the color of the earbuds. Now they are red and I am happier. The Epiphany, oil on birch plywood.