Working on new stuff

Back in Santa Fe and my wonderful studio. After having pulled a lot of weeds I am now busy working on new ideas. I have worked on a couple of new steel pieces and I have painted quite a bit. This is a diptych I am currently working on. Each part is 38 x 30 cm.


Searching for new ideas

After the Studio Tour in south Sweden at Easter and the following week, with around 2000 enthusiastic visitors, it is time to search for new ideas. A lot of people have asked how I come up with the ideas for some of my work and it is hard to give a simple answer. I generally say I am on a journey, something like a hike in nature. When you reach an opening or a hill, you can see a bit further and then you become curious of what is behind the next bend or beyond the next hill, so you keep moving and gradually you learn more and more. It is important not to stop, to keep being curious and eager to find new ways, but to also do this from the core of your work. I will have an exhibition at Kulturhotellet in Helsingborg in August and I am looking for ideas about what to show there. Since I sold 35 pieces of art during the studio tour, there is a need for new works, so I will need to get busy.

A four day visit with Lucas & Måna in Detroit will surely open up ideas. The visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts was fantastic. One of the most important art collections in the USA and a very nice museum! Rodin’s The Thinker is placed outside the entrance to the museum.


Amazing weekend!

In spite of absolutely amazing weather the entire Easter weekend, around 1800 incredibly happy, friendly and enthusiastic people came to our house to see my art (and Andrea’s photos). The Studio Tour will continue for another six days, Tuesday –Friday between 4 and 7 in the afternoon/evening and 10 to 6 Saturday and Sunday. Welcome!


The latest steel piece

The new piece is here: Victory, laser cut steel 60 x 30 cm, series of 10 numbered pieces. Come to Villa Holsby this weekend for Konstrundan i Nordvästra Skåne. We are open 10-18 Fri-Mon during Easter weekend, 16-19 during the week and 10-18 the following weekend. A lot of new works on display.


Right or wrong?

Who can say what is right or wrong? Good or bad? It does not have to be perfect, but it should appeal to the viewer. And we are all different and like different things. A couple of studies, never intended to be art pieces, just exercises…  It is a lot easier to take a great photo of a beautiful sky than to paint it, that is for sure!



Practicing painting clouds

It has been a while… I have been preparing a lot for the upcoming studio tour in Sweden, booking a booth for Art Santa Fe in July, etc. And I have been trying to paint clouds… which I think is really hard. Here is one little study, 20×12 cm.


Finally, a new large painting

For several weeks I have been working on this painting. At times it has been very difficult, especially deciding how to approach the next step. Painting is a series of decisions and you can break it down to each choice of where to start a brush stroke, how to execute it and where to stop. I have enjoyed painting this piece. It is 121 x 81 cm including the discrete frame, I have used oil paints on plywood, as usual. Not sure what to call the piece… maybe The Mountaineer? I have no idea who the couple is.


What most Santa Fe painters have done…?

There is a tradition here of painting the sky and the buildings, sometimes in an abstract way. Georgia O’Keeffe made a few paintings that look totally abstract until you have been in her home and seen where she stood when she painted. I have been working on this piece for several weeks. Don’t know if more like this will be done, but it was a fun thing to do. Oil on pine plywood, 46,5 x 30 cm.


A fun project

Again, I have done something I have never done before. Another square piece, 48 x 48 cm, oil on plywood.