In the summer of 2019 I found an old photograph of a young woman and I was intrigued by her pose and the confident, calm look on her face. One hand was hiding behind her and the other hand was clenched in a fist. I wanted to make a rather large painting of her, but as usual I never quite know what will happen when I start painting. I probably had some #MeToo thoughts and I placed a big kitchen knife in her hidden hand and made a contrasting background. While I was painting her, she was calmly facing me and it was quite a challenge to ”find” her and paint that confident face. At times my heart was beating faster and maybe I was a bit nervous about her calm gaze patiently waiting, while she was ready to strike. I had to leave her at times and after several small adjustments I was happy and felt like I could respectfully leaver her alone. I gave her the name Nora and I hope she will be treated well.

Exciting things are happening

I have recently been included in an exclusive group of artists who are working with Artwork International of Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are working hard to promote my name and my art and all I can do is to increase my time in the studio and work on new pieces. Here is a pretty ambitious painting that I have been working on for some time. It will have to rest some time, I need distance in order to see with clear eyes. Oil on plywood, 80 x 60 cm / 31.5″ x 23.5″. What is the story? Who knows…?


Things are indeed happening

Even though it has been awhile since I posted something new, I am very active in the studio. I have made eight new landscape paintings, 24 x 66 cm. And I am starting an exciting cooperation with Artwork International. More about that later. For now, here is just a snapshot from the studio.


Finally something new

After a quiet period, not without activity, I am ready to show a brand new piece. Oil on birch plywood, 120 x 80 cm (47″ x 31.5″). The Endless Search for Happiness.


Kulturhotellet Helsingborg

Saturday August 31 at 2 in the afternoon my exhibition at Kulturhotellet in Helsingborg opens. Welcome!!


Utter simplicity?

I have been working on a couple of series of very “simple” paintings. Since I am working with the plywood grain, I am trying to keep it simple and it takes self discipline to stop and not overdo it. These three paintings are 24 x 16 cm each. For now I call them Horizons.


What should I call the show?

I am working on a few pieces to take back with me for the August show in Helsingborg. These pieces are indicating times gone by.


How can it be so hard?

My third diptych is in the works, but it is taking time. I have rarely struggled so much with a piece as this one…? This morning it looked horrible, scary. Let it rest for a while.


Slow progress

Even though I am not updating my site so frequently, I am working and preparing. I had to make a temporary frame since I need to be able to take these artworks apart to bring them back to Sweden for my August exhibition in Helsingborg.