Boom! All of a sudden the storm hit with full force. I don’t know if I have ever experienced such strong winds, certainly not here at the studio. The roof is sqeaking and making all kinds of scary sounds, the windows are bulging. I hope we have a roof tomorrow morning. Around noon it did not seem like the wind was very strong, but I noticed my 12 meter “introvert” painting was rocking seriously, so I went out and took it down, which was quite a challenge as I was alone. But I got it down without too much damage and then I cleared everything out of the way, which I am very glad for now, as I believe the 2,4×1,2 m sections would have been flying like leaves now… A while ago, before it got dark, my 3,6 meter tall four sided painting fell. It is going to be an exciting evening…




A late update. The worst is over. The roof is still on top of the house, not on the ground. A shaky picture from Mölle.storm3

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