Thin layers

I am working with thin layers of paint, carefully approaching the pictures.

Taking a leap beyond my comfort zone

Today I have enjoyed a productive and creative day. I have worked on a couple of miniature paintings, photos will come soon. I have been planning a sculpture, photos later, and I have painted…

A new painting in the early phases.

I am using old brushes, wearing them really hard.

Another experiment… what will become of this…? Really not my style…?

This is why I paint

A few days ago I said to some visitors that sometimes I feel like a scam, because anybody can do this. I could tell they did not really believe me. Yesterday when I was “trying” to paint I regretted that comment, because I felt I could not do it. And today I continued to work and was wondering what would come out of this. I always feel like a beginner.

After some layers of paint it suddenly looked like this. I felt surprised! The size of the work is 76 x 62 cm. I can’t help but be totally mesmerized by eyes. I just have to keep painting eyes, because I love to do it, I love the challenge…


Starting up a new project…

I will have an exhibition at Hässleholms Konsthall next spring. I will have the entire room to myself and I am starting to prepare for this. I am not sure what to do and will probably come up with a ton of ideas in the process. I normally have a lot more ideas than what I am able carry through. But now I have started to paint anyways…  Let’s see what happens.

This is what I have been working on this afternoon. It is based on the idea to do twelve paintings of pocket art works I have done earlier, in ten times larger format, 76 x 62 cm. I expect that they will all be very different…