“Sissies don’t have Festool…”

He he, a friend said that last night, as I was contemplating my scruffy hands after a day of wood working, wondering if I am becoming soft… 🙂
Well, I am happy as a kid because I now have the tools I need in order to cut plywood and build my “canvasses”. Now I can work!fest1fest2Now I can make beautiful cuts and build stuff, like this:fest3This is my new work table that I will have in my outdoor studio.part8While it has been cold and snowing (!), I have worked inside, putting some final touches onto my latest Pocket Art eyes.part9Also started on a tiny piece, only 4,6 x 5,4 cm.pednal1I am also working on a very typical New Mexico landscape view – the Pedernal. I will do more work on this…

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