Sold: Pablo’s secret

A very warm and sunny summer. Most people are either on the beach or trying to avoid the heat otherwise. I am enjoying excellent temperatures in the studio, even though the production is sort of on idle. But I have sold a few Lines pieces and most recently the piece below, which I have not shown in it’s final stage. I call it Pablo’s secret, 30 x 9 x 9 cm.PablosSecret-30x9x9

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  1. Hej,
    Sitter och rensar i gamla anteckningar och hittar detta:
    ““I know for sure that I can do a good job in many ways, but when it comes to painting it is totally different. I never know. Maybe that is the reason why I want to paint? It is maybe the challenge – can I do it one more time? One problem with creating and painting is that you cannot force the process, you absolutely have to learn to wait. For the paint to dry, for the creative flow, for the ideas to come. It is maybe like digging for a well, or a tunnel. You work and work and nothing happens, and it is easy to despair. But then at some point, something normally starts happening and you can see some hope materializing. I wonder why I always forget that this is what it takes…?” …som jag hittade här på din blogg för några år sedan. Den texten hjälper mig att förstå att jag inte är ensam om mina tankar kring skapandet.
    Ville bara säga: Tack!

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