Tested a long time idea

I have had an idea for a long time: to cut the surface of some of my paintings (I did try it a few years ago on a smaller painting). I felt I needed to do something with the desert dog painting.ghound4

Before cutting I worked some more on the dog.ghound5

Now the trouble is to come up with a suitable title… It is like a practice in perspective gone seriously wrong. Maybe I should display it at Kafé Zolo and have the guests make suggestions – the “winner” gets a surprise doggy bag, haha.

I also prepared for the next sitting with mom. It should be any day now.mom2

Some fine-tuning

I have done some touch-ups and small changes. Voff! (woof in Swedish)


Landscape escape

OK, at least I am having fun… I don’t know if it is so good and I don’t know if it is done – probably not.ghound2

Two difficult ongoing projects

I have started two difficult projects. I don’t know which is harder? One is painting my mother while she is sitting in the studio for me. After our first sitting, when I had mainly tried to make quick sketches of her, I was thrown off by how hard it was and how limited I felt. I realized that my “skills” were mainly based on two dimensional seeing whereas this required very different seeing. Also the act of “staring” and scrutinizing my own mother’s face was almost too intimate to begin with. At the second sitting I decided to throw all caution to the wind and just go for it and see where it would take med. I am almost embarrassed to show the result of that quick painting session (about one hour) but it could be interesting to follow the struggle. Size 60 x 54 cm.mom1

The other project I have started is a somewhat larger “landscape” painting. It is a typical New Mexico scenery (almost, anyways). When I am finished I will cut it down to be 60 x 160 cm. Both these projects are throwing me way outside of my comfort zone, I feel I am taking on stuff that is far beyond my so called skills. But that is the only way to learn, to educate myself. While I am in these two processes I am reading literature about old masters, learning of their painstaking processes to become masters of their art. I don’t want to imitate them, but I still want to expose myself to the risk of failure and learning. As I have said before, if I fail I can always burn my work and get some warmth while doing that. Who cares if I fail at these projects? I should just enjoy the work and see it as a good experience.ghound1

More variations

I have spent a lot of time working on ideas, reading about famous 18:th century painters, despairing over my own limitations as a painter, blah blah blah. Then I got back to working on a few variations and that was very nice. Modified one and started on two new.v10